Small Town Grocery Store Gets a Fresh Start

Commercial Refrigeration

Paisley, ON

The Story:

Paisley, Ontario is a small community located in the heart of Bruce County’s farmland that forms the backbone of the area’s economy and lifestyle. When local Paisley residents Gail & Rob Fullarton purchased the old Food Town building, they combined their talents with concern for their community to reopen the village grocery store that had already been closed for 9 months. They embarked on a 3-month renovation project to not just resurface the old grocery store, but also make it as energy efficient at possible.

The previous refrigeration units in the store were very inefficient, with high operating and maintenance costs. Buchanan & Hall was contacted to advise on how to improve refrigeration efficiency as well as the overall energy performance of the store.

As part of the renovation, Buchanan & Hall installed a new, state-of-the-art Keeprite Link, multi-scroll compressor rack system with split high/low temperature groups. This was combined with a new electronic control system, outdoor condenser, waste heat reclaim system and all new display cases and counters. Three walk-in coolers and the walk-in freezer were also retrofitted to run more efficiently.

The owners of the store were very pleased with how the installation went. They love how clean, reliable and efficient their new store looks and operates.

Buchanan & Hall knows how critical refrigeration is for grocery stores like Paisley Freshmart. We work with all types of grocery stores, from small boutique markets to large supermarkets, ensuring they continue to perform as optimally as possible.

Before Photos:

Paisley Freshmart Before
Paisley Freshmart Before

After Photos:

A new cooling system installed by Buchanan & Hall
A new refrigeration unit installed by Buchanan & Hall


We chose Buchanan & Hall to install new refrigeration units. We also had them install new fans, a condenser system, line the butcher shop walls with insulation and install a coil, plus upgrade the walk-in refrigerators and freezer. Excellent service, workmanship and company integrity as they helped remove the old units, ran new water and drainage lines, and made sure everything worked perfectly once the new units were installed.

Gail F. Owner, Paisley Freshmart - Paisley, ON