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The Smartest Way to Heat & Cool

A geothermal heating & cooling system replaces traditional heating and air conditioning equipment with an energy efficient heat pump that transfers heat energy between the ground outside and your home or building. As energy efficient technologies continue to gain momentum amid concerns over pollution and global warming, geothermal leads the way as the smartest way to heat and cool.

Buchanan & Hall is an official distributor of GeoSmart Energy geothermal products. GeoSmart Energy is a leader and innovator in the geothermal industry. Their geothermal units are energy efficient, comfortable and reliable. We believe that a customer’s investment in a geothermal heating and cooling system should be worry-free from the point-of-purchase to installation, through to year-round operation.

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Geosmart Energy

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Innovators

Buchanan & Hall was the first company in the region to begin designing and installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your system is designed and installed properly.

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Types of Geothermal Ground Loops

Horizontal Trench Loops

  • Land size dependant based on design
  • Trenches range from 100 – 300 ft long
  • Polyethylene pipes inserted into trench (approx. depth 5 ft)
  • Trenches dug & backfilled using excavator
  • Typical home requires ¼ to ¾ of an acre for trenches

Directionally Drilled (Horizontal Bore) Loops

  • Land size dependant
  • Ground Loop can avoid disrupting surface & subsurface obstructions on site
  • Double pipe connected by U-bend inserted inside horizontally bored holes
  • Depth of holes dependant on soil conditions & system size
  • Digging only required for header trench where pipes join
  • B&H is only company in region with own directional drill

Vertical Bore Loops

  • Useful where space is limited
  • Requires drilling rig for multiple hole
  • Double pipe connected by U-bend inserted down multiple drill sites
  • Depth of holes dependant on soil/rock condition & system size
  • Only digging required is for header trench where pipes join

Open Loop (Water Well) System

  • Requires abundant supply of well water
  • Discharge well such as a stream or pond required
  • Potentially the most cost-effective option up front, if well equipment requirements are met.

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  • 2010 – Stratford & District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award

  • 2014 – GeoSmart Energy National Dealer of the Year Award

  • 2015 – GeoSmart Energy National Dealer of the Year Award

  • 2018 – Mueller Dairy Equipment Growth Award

  • Zero Carbon Facility with 100% Renewable Energy

  • 70 Years in Business

  • Over 4500 Customers

  • Over 10 Industry Awards

  • Average 5-Star Rating on Google and Facebook

  • Locally Owned and Operated

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