Advantages of Geothermal Energy

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How Does Geothermal Heating & Cooling Work?

Geothermal systems use energy from the earth to heat and cool your home or business. There are three main components to all geothermal systems:

  1. The Geothermal Heat Pump, (also called a Ground Source Heat Pump), installed inside the building;
  2. The Ground Loop, installed under the ground;
  3. The Distribution System, usually forced air through ductwork or water through a hydronic system.

When compared to conventional HVAC systems, geothermal systems perform with greater efficiency during severe temperature fluctuations.

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Geothermal Advantages

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Why Choose Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems?

Low Operating Cost

For every unit of electrical energy used, geothermal systems can deliver between 3-6 units of heat energy. That translates into an efficiency rating of 300-600%! By combining stored earth energy with safe electric power, many homeowners save up to 70% on their heating, cooling and hot water bills.

Environmentally Friendly

No carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other harmful greenhouse gasses considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution are at the heart of geothermal advantages. With geothermal energy systems, you can take comfort in a better environment.

Safe & Clean

Since neither natural gas, propane, oil or wood are required to operate a geothermal unit, there is no combustion, flames or fumes and no chance of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Enhanced Comfort

You’ll love how your geothermal unit eliminates hot and cold spots in your home. No more temperature spikes in winter. No more damp, humid air in the summer. For ultimate comfort, you can even install a zoning system that uses multiple thermostats to precisely control temperatures in areas of your house.


Unlike conventional air conditioners and heat pumps, geothermal units are installed indoors, reducing their exposure to wear and tear caused by rain, snow, ice or extreme temperatures. Geothermal units have proven very reliable and require less maintenance than conventional heat pumps, meaning the overall life cycle costs are far lower for geothermal systems.

What Can My Geothermal Energy System Do?


Geothermal units are versatile. We can install a system in your home, whether new, old, large or small. Although most systems are simply single units in a forced air application, geothermal systems can also be used for many other types of installations.

Commercial Applications

Apart from residential geothermal energy units, many commercial and institutional buildings are also taking advantage of geothermal systems. We have the experience to integrate geothermal energy systems to any realistic application.

Radiant Floor Heating

Some geothermal units can provide hot water for radiant floor applications, utilizing tubing encased in the floor. Warm water circulates through the tubing, acting like a giant radiator,  allowing you to experience consistent comfort throughout the room from head to toe.

Domestic Hot Water

When equipped with the hot water assist option, your geothermal unit can deliver preheated water to your hot water heater. More hot water is generated the longer the unit operates. Over the course of a year, your geothermal unit can make up to 60% of your hot water.

Pool Heating

Geothermal units can also be utilized to heat water for pools and spas. You’ll find a geothermal system will heat your indoor pool or spa for much less than an ordinary pool heater. And without the concerns associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s much safer compared to fossil fuel burning heaters.

Your energy. Your Future.

If you have questions about geothermal advantages or have a project that you’d like us to quote, feel free to reach out today.

Energy Grounded by Innovation

The combination of innovative ground loop design and ultra efficient heat pump technology allows us to tap into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties year round. Geothermal systems decrease your carbon footprint, save you money through efficient design, and keep your home or office at a consistently comfortable temperature all year without hot or cold spots.

Walking the Walk

Buchanan & Hall’s facility, located in Stratford, Ontario, is heated and cooled using only Geothermal systems. Electricity is generated via a roof mounted photovoltaic array that provides enough year round power to make us a net zero facility. As a company operated by people concerned with environmental welfare, we lead by example, demonstrating our corporate responsibility by integrating sustainable energy practices for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

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