COVID-19 Update:

12/22/2020 Buchanan & Hall's Updated Safety Plan

December 22, 2020

Updated Buchanan & Hall Safety Plan

Measures We Are Taking

To ensure employees know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19, Buchanan & Hall will:

  • Regularly reviewing guidance from the Government of Ontario and Huron Perth Public Health.
  • Monitoring and ensuring our COVID-19 Safety Plan and policies are up to date.
  • Communicating important updates via email, social media, website, and bulletins posted throughout our facility.
  • Responding to any inquiries submitted by our employees or customers.

Buchanan & Hall will screen for COVID-19 by:

  • Actively screening all employees prior to each shift using our simPRO app. Records will be kept of screening results.
  • Passively screening all visitors to our office using a form posted on the front door and at the reception desk.
  • Effective December 25, 2020, we will no longer be allowing customers into our office. If parts are needed, please call ahead to arrange for  pickup or delivery.

Controlling the Risk of Transmission

Buchanan & Hall will control the risk of transmission in the workplace by:

  • Requiring every person entering the office to wear a mask or face covering. Employees are not required to wear a mask when they are in areas of facility not accessible to the public and where physical distancing can be practiced.
  • Restricting access to our shop to authorized personnel only.
  • Posting physical distancing reminder signs throughout our facility.
  • Providing hand sanitizer stations at every entrance, and in common areas.
  • Providing personal hand sanitizer for every work vehicle.
  • Providing cloth masks and disposable masks to be worn in the workplace.
  • Thoroughly sanitizing and cleaning commonly touched surfaces, such as sinks and counters, twice throughout the workday.
  • Holding meetings virtually when possible, and only in large areas where physical distancing can be accommodated, when necessary.
  • Requiring workers who has any symptoms related to cold, flu or COVID-19 be sent home.
  • Requiring employees who are sharing a vehicle to wear a face covering, and to clean and disinfect the vehicle before and after any trips. This would include removing any used masks, garbage, etc.

Exposure Procedures

If there is a potential case or suspected exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, Buchanan & Hall will:

  • Require employees to notify management and to self-isolate if they have any cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms. Employees also are required to complete the self-assessment form at They are to follow the directions given by their self-assessment.
  • Require employees who have had close contact with anyone with COVID-19 to notify Huron Perth Public Health, along with management.
  • Require employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 notify Huron Perth Public Health, along with management. Buchanan & Hall will notify the Ministry of Labour and any other authority they are directed to by the health unit.
  • Require employees who have come in close contact with someone with COVID-19 (spent extensive time within a 2m radius) to self-isolate as well. They will be contacted by HPPH and given further instructions.

Managing Ongoing Risks

Buchanan & Hall will manage any new risks caused by operational changes by:

  • Checking in with employees regarding how they are coping with the pandemic.
  • Checking regularly with employees regarding their PPE supplies.

Monitoring the Plan

Buchanan & Hall is committed to the ongoing success of the plan and will:

  • Review the plan regularly, and as necessary when conditions change or in response to a provincial health officer’s order.
  • Review and consider input from employees and customers. Feedback can be sent to Joel Anderson ( Feedback will always be considered and respected.
  • Communicate important updates to this plan via email, website and bulletins posted throughout our building.

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